Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Will Love Roof Co. enter my neighborhood if we have a "No Soliciting" sign?

Though some roofers are more out-of-town storm-chasers trying to sell roofs in storm-affected areas, Love Roof Co. is different as we are a local business working in our backyard. Our team is not selling anything! Every roof inspection we offer in neighborhoods we work in is FREE and completely for the benefit of YOU, the homeowner.  Many times, people don't even know that there had been a hail or wind storm and that their roof was damaged. 

Q. I had another contractor inspect my roof and they didn't find anything. Do I need a second opinion?

Love Roof Co is different. We specialize in Storm Damage detection and work hand-in-hand with your insurance company to verify storm damage to collateral as well as the roof.  Even though many contractors have roofing as part of their portfolio of kitchen or bathroom remodels, roofing isn't something we do to fill our calendar. Trust your home to an experienced roofer that knows what to look for to get your roof fully-approved. At the end of the day, it's a free second-look at your roof to potentially get a new roof and our team will be up-and-down in 15-30 minutes with pictures of any damage we might find.

Q. Is it OK to let Love Roof Co. on my roof? (Will I be liable if a roofer falls off my roof?)

Q. Is the "Free Roof Inspection" really "FREE"?

If you are blessed to be a referral or reside in a neighborhood we are actively working, YES! The inspection is completely free. If you are requesting a re-inspection for a roof that has already been previously denied, we may request compensation for expense of inspection which would involve the initial inspection and then the official re-inspection with the insurance carrier. If the roof gets a full approval and you choose to work Love Roof Co, the inspection cost would be credited towards the cost of the job.

Q. Am I obligated to working with Love Roof Co. if I let them on my roof?

An free inspection holds no obligation if there is no damage. There will not be any back-door fees . If we see damages and you agree to file a claim, but insurance does not approve the full roof, you are also not obligated to work with us. If you do get fully-approved, we do ask that you give Love Roof Co. the opportunity to do the work as we have put in all the work to get you this far and this is how we feed our families. This would be a Contingency Agreement.

Q. If there is damage on my roof that needs to be repaired immediately, will Love Roof Co. take care of it? (Will it cost me anything?)

Of course! If we find interior water damage, tree fall damage, or any other damage that might further damage the house prior to an adjuster inspection, we will communicate our findings and give you the option of having our team make temporary repairs until your insurance can inspect it, or allow you to hire another company to take care of the damage. There will be no bill directly to you, we will make the repairs and file it with your insurance and request them to pay for it as part of the overall storm damage claim. 

Q. My neighbors have all gotten new roofs, but my insurance denied my claim. Are they wrong?

This one is tricky... You could legitimately not have any storm damage even though your neighbors did. Reasons incliude:

Q. Do I have to file a claim at the end of the inspection?

If your inspection goes smoothly and there is no damage, there is no need to file a claim. If our team finds damage on your roof, it is up to you to file a claim. It doesn't have to be done on-the-spot, but it should be done in a reasonable amount of time to stay within the insurance parameters for the storm date. It's never a bad idea to take a day to research roofers, insurance claims processes, and what you feel is the best fit for you and your family.  If there is damage that requires immediate attention, you can still work with our team before having filed a claim. 


Q. Is State Farm really the worst?

State Farm is not the worst. Unfortunately they have a bad reputation in the homeowners claims side of insurance because they are the largest insurance company and therefore have some of the highest standards of what qualifies as storm damage. This is only a frustration to contractors that are storm-chasing and trying to file "maybe damage" claims. State Farm adjusters can see right through that. When you work with a roofer, pick an experienced roofer with a track-record of success with insurance companies, including State Farm, and who know what the adjusters are looking for. When you know what they want to see, it makes the claims process very simple. Our experienced team looking to get you the BEST roof for the BEST price.

Q. Can my insurance rates be affected for filing a homeowners claim due to Storm Damage?

There are two types of claims that insureds can file:

Q. Can my insurance company drop me as a customer for filing a claim?

If the damaged property claim is an Act of God (see previous Q/A), the insurance company cannot use this as a reason to cancel or not renew your policy—unless, the insurance company can show that you failed to take reasonable necessary action as requested by the carrier to prevent the damage.

Q. Will Love Roof Co. handle filing my claim for me?

Of course! Our team assists on claims calls regularly. We are experienced with insurance questions regarding roofing and storm damage concerns. We will work with you through the entire process.

Q. What do I need to have ready for filing an insurance claim?

It is helpful to know your Policy #, but that is not required. Most insurance companies can reverse search you by your Name, Phone #, or address.

It is helpful to know the exact time of the storm, though we generally provide that information for you. Date, Time, Hail/Wind, Areas damaged, etc.

Q. What can I expect after filing a claim?

After filing your claim, an adjuster will likely be assigned within 1-3 business days. They will then either:

Either way, please communicate that information with our Team so we can have someone present for the inspection. 


Q. Do I need to be home for the Adjuster appointment?

You do not need to be present for the appointment unless you have interior damage you would like to show the adjuster. As long as you communicate with our team, we will be with the Adjuster for you.

Q. I was contacted by an Independent Inspector, what does that mean?

Independent Inspectors are common. Many adjusters are not capable of climbing on a roof, either for health concerns, physical ailment, or company policy. When an Independent is scheduled to come to your roof, it adds a layer of communication and it is very important that our team meet with them. If they do not see the damage, they will communicate "no damage" to the adjuster, who did not see it for themself and the claim will get denied. Best practice is to communicate with our team and ensure that we are present for the appointment. 

Q. Why did my inspector not tell me what he found?

It's very common for clients to get upset with Independent Inspectors who do not vocalize their findings, or lack thereof. This is unfair because the Independent legally cannot make that decision. Many times, their recommendations are overturned and homeowners that expected a new roof are throwing the Independents under the bus demanding insurance pay their claim because the independent said he thought it would be approved. As a Best Practice, most Independent Inspectors no longer share their opinions, moreso to protect themselves as they are not the ones making the decision. That still falls on the Adjuster. A best practice would be to communicate with our Team and let us know of any communication with the inspector and/or adjuster so we can fight on your behalf, if needed.

Q. Why did my Adjuster tell me he didn't find any damage after Love Roof Co. showed me pictures of my roof having damage? ( Do I have any recourse?)

There are multiple reasons why an Adjuster would deny a claim that has storm damage:

The best practice is to communicate with our team Bad News as well as the Good. Many times a denial or partial approval is just a stepping stone to reinspection or supplementation for full roof approval.

Q. What is the next step after my Adjuster approves my claim?

First off, CONGRATULATIONS!! Upon notification that your claim has been approved we will need to await the:

Once you receive those two items, we will schedule a Contracting Appointment. We will confirm the scope of work to be completed, payment will be exchanged, build date will be set, and materials will be ordered) This includes Shingle Style, Color, Drip Edge Color, Gutter/Siding Color (If applicable)


Q. What do I need to have ready for the Contracting Appointment?

As answered in the previous question, first check and scope of work are all the will be required. Our team will provide samples and displays of all materials we will be installing and we will work together to finalize a game plan to get you the best roof!

Q. Why is my insurance check smaller than the cost of the job?

It is extremely common for the first check to be much smaller than the cost of the whole job. Insurance withholds:

Q. What is the withheld depreciation? (Will I get it back?)

Depending on the type of policy that you have:


Unfortunately we cannot waive deductibles. This is as standard as a Medical Co-Pay. When we send our Certificate of Completion and Final Invoice to your insurance carrier, we are confirming that we have received the deductible. We understand there are shady contractors out there that will inflate numbers to the insurance company, but that would conflict with one of our core beliefs of having Integrity in our business. 

On the plus-side we have multuiple ways to help you offset your deductible:

Q. What if my insurance didn't approve the full roof? ( and/or Gutters, and/or Siding?)

First off, CONGRATULATIONS!! Even a partial approval is still an approval and it opens the door for more conversations including:

Q. When we agree on terms, when can I expect everything to be completed?

Build date will be set for the next available date:


Q. When will the material arrive?

Materials arrive the day before the build. If your build is scheduled for a Monday or Holiday, however, your materials will be delivered the Friday before as Supply Houses do not deliver materials on weekends or holidays.

Q. When will the crew start?

In the warmer months, the crew arrives at 630, preps the home perimeter, and starts removing shingles between 7-8 am.

In colder months, the crew arrives at 730, preps the home perimeter, and starts removing shingles between 8-9 am.

Q. Does Love Roof Co. hire illegal/undocumented immigrants?

Absolutely not. Love Roof Co. only hires and pays individuals that have legal working status in the United States. This is both an ethical policy and financial responsibility, as we would not be able to claim payroll to undocumented/illegal immigrants.

Q. Will there be someone at my house to communicate any concerns I might have?

Of course! Our team is dedicated to your relationship from beginning to end and most of us are bi/tri-lingual. If you ever have an immediate concern and don't want to walk outside into a heavy construction zone, please give us a call directly and we will communicate with our team without you even having to put on a coat.

Q. How long will the job take? (Roof, Gutters, Siding, Window Screens, etc.)

Build date will be set for the next available date:

Q. What is the next step when work is complete?

When the work is complete, our team will submit a final report to our admin office, our admin team will generate a Certificate of Completion, Final Invoice including any supplements that may have been incurred, and we will send that off to your insurance. Within 3-5 buisness days, your insurance company should mail or direct deposit the remaining funds to you. At that point, we will meet again and settle up what is left to be paid to Love Roof Co.


Q. Do I need to provide anything to my insurance or will Love Roof Co. take care of it for me?

Our team tries to make this as smooth an experience for you and we will take care of everything for you. The only assistance we may occassionally require is following up with the adjuster to keep the ball rolling, as you are the Insured/Policyholder, some insurance companies will only speak to you regarding the claim.

Q. Why is the Final Invoice more than the approved insurance amount? (Will I owe more out-of-pocket?)

It's very common for final payments to be more than initially expected. The reason is, ice damming, nail pops, missing shingles, and any other water damage or blunt force trauma to decking boards that might require decking boards to be replaced, or code items such as Ice Water Shield and Drip Edge are regularly missed by adjusters or withheld in Recoverable Depreciation. Other times, satelite images measuring the dimensions or the home are obstructed by trees and we are left short on materials for shingles or gutters. It is always itemized in the final invoice to the insurance company and they expect it. This is a normal process called, "Supplementing." Many times the adjuster already knows decking boards are bad when they walk the roof, but they cannot pay for what they cannot see, so we have to take the shingles off before we can calculate the additional material that will be needed for the job. Insurance is not going to make us wait for them to review documentation, they will preauthorize us to complete the work we deem necessary, properly document it, and in the end correct the final invoice to reflect the additional work completed. 

This is not anything you need to worry about and will never be an additional out-of-pocket expense for you, the homeowner.

That said, any additional requests to the Scope of Work that is not approved by Insurance would be communicated before work starts if there are other projects around the house that would not be storm damage related and therefore an out-of-pocket expense. 

Q. How long is my roof under warranty?

Love Roof Co. is proud to offer a standard 10-year Warranty on full Owens Corning roof system installations which includes Duration Shingle Lifetime Limited Warranty. 

That said, let's be honest. We live in Indiana. Your 50-year shingle is likely going to be replaced again in the next 5-15 years with another major storm. So stay in touch with our friendly team so we can take care of you next time as well!